Elegant and luxury DESTINATION wedding PHOTOGRAPHER

FRENCH LUXURY photography for exclusive & intimate WEDDINGS

That unmissable SECOND

It is your story telling, a fantastic parenthesis of your life captured with simplicity, elegance and refinement.

Working in the luxury wedding industry is a real dream for Emmanuelle, from San Francisco to Marrakech to Bali, she has traveled the world searching for soulful beauty and shooting in exclusive wedding destinations.

Settle on the French Riviera, she is called to work with the most amazing wedding venues and collaborating with the best wedding planners on the coast. The couples who get along with Emmanuelle are looking for a real artistic experience, for photography with meanings. They will get images who tell the intensity of the moment with grace, simplicity and elegance. Inspired and influenced by sober and effortless fashion, she sees wedding photography as a work of art, keep on creating the best documentary with editorial style.




Emmanuelle MARTY

She is definitely a traveler, she has lived in many different countries and travel all around the world.

She lived 15 years in Africa, many years in the US and now she is back in France. She is a woman of action, focus and involved in various causes close to her heart. She is a passionate, she had 100 lives, now in France, she is specialized in wedding and editorial but she has also her own personal Art work in galleries. She has been shooting weddings for almost 8 years now...

Her Inspiration comes with the power and the beauty of NATURE 

She is a traveler but not a city dweller, she likes lost fields, unknown places too difficult to access, driving in the jungle to find the absolutely breathtaking secret spot. The reward of her quest is to find the beautiful place, the incredible light and the perfect landscape to create unforgettable images.

For each of her weddings, she applies the same magic, always with this desire to find the divine part in the places in which she works.

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WHAT ABOUT fashion ?

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Nature comes with natural light and it is her first source of inspiration but what about Fashion? Emmanuelle is inspired but women, by feminin ligns and a touch of fashion but not any kind of fashion... The minimalism, sober, refined, simple but timeless aesthetic.

Each WEDDING has hIS own love essence



"Thank you so much Emmanuelle, we found you incredible during these intense two days, calm, always positive, a real chameleon in all circumstances, we are just so il love with the pictures, thank you again for everything!"

J and J-L

Behind the scene