Marion & Guillaume

Wedding – Château Garibondy, Cannes

If the French Riviera is loved for its enveloping golden light and its Mediterranean landscapes, it is also highly appreciated for its richness in the most prestigious wedding reception places. Marion & Guillaume have chosen to celebrate their union at Château Garibondy, a little pearl of architecture and romance located on the green heights of Cannes. Dating from the 18th century, Château Garibondy is today a place where magnificent weddings are celebrated. At the time, it was one of the most refined places where the scene of social receptions was played, seeing celebrities and people of the British and Cannes upper bourgeoisie parading. The wedding at Château Garibondy will remain etched in everyone’s mind as a fabulous day of celebration perfectly orchestrated, surrounded by their loved ones in one of the most charming settings of the French Riviera.