My name is Emmanuelle, i am a photographer, an adventurous traveler and deeply committed to my work. I spent almost half of my life in Africa, continent where i grew up and certainly where i caught the passion for natural light and infinite spaces. I also lived in San Francisco, USA, during those years spent there, i have learned the real meaning of work and taste for challenge. I loved my time there, those few years were really enlightening and instructive for me and they got a tremendous influence on how i am committed to photography.

The real meaning of my work is a deep engagement to this unique suspended time, accompany you on your dreaming destination to capture unique moments where you will be at your best. I have the chance to meet and work with couples in love and futurs parents who has the same passion as me for Nature, authentic and beautiful places. I look forward to be the one photographer who will create with you beautiful artistic images and meaningful heirlooms.


The STUDIO is a space dedicated to artistic creation, photography, fashion, the love of aesthetics and natural light. Located in the heart of the city of Nice, a few steps from Avenue Jean Médecin, it is ideally placed. Bathed in its white light, its calm and its very contemporary character, it is like a jewel of light, an inspiring, personal place where each artist, each creator can come and develop his creativity, his projects.

The heart of the STUDIO beats in the hands of the one who created it, who works on her Art and her eye by accompanying each of her models with all the gentleness that characterizes her, the photographer Emmanuelle Marty.