Bridal editorial photoshoot 


The creative part in my job when i work on a beauty or fashion editorial photoshoot is maybe 60% of the work, thinking about a concept, brainstorming, creating moodboards and having a real creative team around me! It's so exciting, thrilling and exhilarating to work with people who are just so passionate about what they do. With Amandine Baron, my hair and makeup artist, we decided to create a beauty photo shoot with one of our brides and do something in cold tones, something romantic, dreamlike and really feminine. We had the Chance to work with one of the gorgeous creation designed by Hervé Moreau.

Bridal gown designer Hervé Moreau - Photographer Emmanuelle Marty - Second Photographer Mathilde Marty -
Bride Pauline Ello - HMU Amandine Baron Baron & Co Lorris Mua
Location Château Castellaras - Bridal Boutique Nicea Mariage - 

Hervé Moreau, a name that resonates in the Bridal design industry. His amazing talent is reflected in each of his creations, where elegance and audacity blend in a symphony of style.

As a renowned designer, Moreau has transcended the boundaries of fashion, pushing the limits of creativity. His wedding gowns embody the very essence of sophistication, capturing imagination with clean lines, sumptuous fabrics, and meticulous attention to details.

Every design by Hervé Moreau is a living work of art, sculpted to enhance the feminine silhouette, to embrace timeless elegance, and to evoke emotion. His dresses strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of contemporary trends while preserving timeless grace.

His exceptional craftsmanship shines through in the way he handles the most delicate materials, from exquisite laces to fluid fabrics, to shape unique pieces. Every fold, every embroidery tells a story.

Moreau's creations become symbols of elegance and femininity. They embody confidence, beauty and sophistication, captivating the eye and eliciting admiration.


Hervé Moreau

Bridal FASHION edito with the Unique Four Seasons on the French Riviera 

Amazing bridal gowns, magical photoshoot that could inspires new brides to feel confident, beautiful and truly unforgettable on their special day.  

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